Bellow is the brief of the Project Schedule for the Construction

1. 9th October; Land purchase (donated).
2. 1st December 2021- 30th January 2022 obtains land documents.
3. 1st December 2021 – 5th December site clearance.
4. 20th December 2021 – 30th January: architectural drawings.
5. 1st December  2021- 30th January  2022: retaining wall and material filling to elevate the entire land to a suitable level.
6. 1st February  2022- 2nd March: building Substructure.
7. 3rd March 2022- 23rd March 2022:  ground floor concrete works.
8. 25th March 2022- 19th April 2022: clay brick columns formation.
9. 15th April 2022- 20th June 2022: superstructure works for first floor (reinforcement, formwork, concrete works).
10. 22nd June 2022- 30th August: clay brick double walls.
11. 1st August 2022- 30th August 2022: windows and doors Fabrication.
12. 1st September 2022- 30th September 2022: wall partitioning.
13. 4th September 2022- 15th October 2022: Roof steel structure Fabrication and roof installation.
14. 18th April 2022- 4th  September 2022: External works (car park floor pavement works, security Fence, 2 entrance Gates).
15. 22nd July 2022- 30th August 2022: water tank and mechanical room stand (steel structure).
16. 1st October 2022- 30th October 2022: glass wall cladding installation, doors and windows installation.
17. 1st October 2022- 30th October 2022: electrical, Mechanical and plumbing works.
18. 2nd November 2022- 30th November 2022: finishing works (lights installation, sanitary wear installation, Air-conditioning installation, painting works).
19. 1st December 2022- 8th December 2022: final inspection and furniture installation.
20. 10th December: handing over and opening ceremony.


Construction of the new NCEH building started 2 months ago. Now we are filling…


Fence is almost completed and main Construction will begin soon.


Leveling and compacting of the land right after the Construction of the wall..

NB| Construction has delayed due to the rains.