Visual Field Test (VFT), which is also referred to as Perimetry Test, is a key diagnostic test for Glaucoma. It also helps in determining the severity and progression of Glaucoma over time. This test measures the Central as well as Peripheral vision (side vision) which together constitute our Visual Field (hence the name Visual Field Test) and is used for diagnosis of Glaucoma since Glaucoma often starts by affecting the peripheral vision. Although Imaging studies like OCT, HRT etc are available now to guide doctors in Glaucoma treatment, Perimetry Test is still the gold standard for Glaucoma diagnosis. It evaluates vision loss due to Glaucoma, damage to the visual pathway of the brain and other optic nerve diseases. The stage of Glaucoma indicated by the test is useful to choose the target / desired Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP) and to determine the follow up requirements.