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Education & Training

Mr. Axolu is a hardworking man who seeks to make a difference in the IT industry and no wonder he has found his way as a gift to the NCEH community. He has affiliates to The NAD, Replica Studio and other startups who similarly are interested in making a difference in their communities.

Professional Summary

Knowledgeable IT Manager overseas technology deployment and maintenance. Instructs and leads IT staff members in support of hardware, software and networking infrastructure. Actively works with executives to determine and implement technological needs (that includes managing technological strategy, training and implementation).


Work Experiences

As the IT Manager, there are many responsibilities that hang on his shoulders including:

  1. Overseas IT department operations and training.
  2. Guided organizational technology strategy and roadmap.
  3. Build and customize technology on staff requests.
  4. Support all hardware and physical equipment troubleshooting.
  5. Oversea the daily performance of computer systems and immediately responding to IT related issues to keep the network and system running.

As a web developer, Mr Axolu Mawuli;

  1. Provides front-end website development and maintenance.
  2. Plans website upgrades and converts mockups into usable web presence with HTML, Java Script, Etc.
  3. Employs search engine optimization tactics to increase reach of targeted audience.
  4. Applies latest emerging technologies, software and project application trends to update and maintain site applicability.
  5. Collaborate with expert graphic designers to integrate images as basic site components.