Dr. Judith Simon

Dr. Judith Simon finished medical school in Hungary in 1988. She completed her training as an ophthalmologist in the US and had been working in private practice in New Jersey for 17 years. She started to participate in eye surgery outreaches in 2002; since then she has organized over 20 missions to different countries in Central America, Africa and the Philippines. In 2013 she permanently relocated to Tamale, North Ghana and started to work at the Tamale Teaching Hospital. In addition to patient care she is training eye nurses, medical students, optometrists and residents and she is organizing outreaches to underserved rural areas several times a year. She is one of 4 permanent ophthalmologists for Northern Ghana with a population of nearly 5 million people. In 2019 together with a team of dedicated individuals she founded the Northern Community Eye Hospital which started operations in February of 2020. The mission of the hospital is to provide good quality and affordable care to the people of North Ghana,