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Bringing Light to Janga: Northern Community Eye Hospital Transforms Lives Through Cataract Surgeries.

The Northern Community Eye Hospital has been making significant strides in restoring sight to the people of Janga. Recently, the hospital’s dedicated screening team assessed a total of 278 individuals, identifying 54 patients in need of cataract surgery, including 28 bilateral cases. These comprehensive screenings were crucial in pinpointing those whose vision had been compromised, some of whom had been living in darkness for 1, 2, 3, or even more years.

On the 4th and 5th of May, the hospital successfully performed cataract surgeries on all 54 patients, effectively restoring their sight. The surgeries marked a profound transformation for these individuals, many of whom had faced significant challenges due to their impaired vision. The joy and relief experienced by the patients and their families were immeasurable, as the ability to see clearly once again opened up new possibilities and improved their quality of life.

The Northern Community Eye Hospital remains steadfast in its mission to provide essential eye care services to underserved communities, continually demonstrating that sight is not just a privilege but a fundamental right. Through their tireless efforts, NCEH is truly making a difference, one surgery at a time.

NCEH: Restoring Sight to the Less Privileged.