Ms Diana Samoaka Dinbeka

Ms Diana Samoaka Dinbeka was born in Bumpurugu, North Ghana. She speaks Bimoba, Dagbani, Twi, and English. After finishing Senior High School in Tamale, she proceeded to earn a Nurse Assistant clinical in Kpembe Nursing and Midwifery training College. She gained her clinical experience in Tamale Teaching Hospital, Central Hospital, and Savelugu Hospital. After graduation, she worked in Emmaviv Pharmacy for two years, where she was responsible for ordering and dispensing medicines and giving detailed information about them. In NCEH Ms Samaoka is able to use her expertise as a nurse and also the experience she gained while working in the pharmacy. She learned most of the tasks needed for her work very fast, and she develops new skills on a daily basis. She is always calm, polite, reliable and patient with patients and coworkers and well-liked by everyone. In a short period she became indispensable to the smooth functioning of NCEH.